This year I celebrated the New Year in a quiet location getting toasty as I usually do on a night of celebration. After which, it was time to celebrate. I did a preliminary review of all that downtown Charleston had to offer as far as festivities were concerned and it was clear from all the Great Gatsby regalia, I wouldn’t hear Gucci Mane anytime tonight if I stay here. Before leaving I had the opportunity to stop at Hōm, a gourmet burger joint on King. The businessman burger was excellent and the onion rings I had weren’t bad either.  After eating my fill and I headed back to Mount P for some RR. Before my stop I picked up some fireworks and dropped of some spirits.

This year I feel compelled to follow any tradition per se. I spent the time contemplating different locals and preparing a drink. The clock struck 12, and I’m sure I heard guns firing in the distance. We were here, 2014. Although technically the new year should be celebrated with the solstice or at least at Christmas, but I digress. The Nia, the last day of Kwanzaa, came in nice. Although it is always hard to shake the rough feelings of the previous year. I decided to stay close to home and visit the Yorktown.

From the flood of people pouring from the starboard side of the ship. All either happy, drunk, pissed, or a combination thereof. This event was sponsored by Ciroc and had a more updated feel, although the trappings of Gatsby we still present. I love the fact that everyone tends to were black on New Year’s, my  pastel cashmere sweater had a chance to stand out.  Still everyone looked awesome. After returning a few well wishing texts, I went home. I feel like this might be an interesting year.