Pride month is over, and it was a blast! They say that Pride in New York is pretty whack. Fortunately for everyone, I was in the city. That’s not to say I was out MCing getting the crowd hype and hosting the function. I’een did nunna dat! My presence is similar to Accent or MSG. This go-round, I didn’t produce any distinct flavor. Instead, I enhanced what was already there making it more palatable.

Thanks to Joe Morris Events and Trappy Hour Harlem Reloaded, the kids had the opportunities for fun in the city. First with the joint “Act Bad” collab on Friday and then the mega party Saturday at 5th & Mad. The week was perfectly punctuated with a spectacular Harlem block party with DJ Worthy serving Atl club realness in these streets.

For the first time, I saw people dancing and having fun in NY. None of that pretentious stand-around like we in middle-school shit! They were bussin it wide open and actin free. And why not? It’s Ghey history month and it was nice out. Sunday was definitely the day to be out and about. Nothing but pretty faces and fresh laces everywhere. NYC Pride was one for the books.