If you were looking for an event to warm your winter woes then Courtnay’s The Poet’s Bonfire 2019 was the event to attend. The Bonfire can be described in many words. Fantastic. Electric. Inspiring. Ignant. All kinda crazy! The event was epic featuring four of the hottest DJs in Charleston. DJ Boss Hogg, DJ Küb, DJ Major Boi and DJ Shad Ike.  All heavy hitters in their own right. The energy in the air was welcoming, hopeful, engetic and lit, evidenced by the crowd who were all encouraged to bring a drink, have a seat, and roast some smores while the DJ turns up and gets the party started. What happened that night was beautiful. The community came together to have a good time and there were no major incidences.

Pretty people from all over the county came with their coolers, lawn chairs, colors and good spirits. The weather was clear and crisp. This was the third year for the event and each year gets better. The prescence of police and the abscense of over policing was a welcomed change as one of the major barriers to successful black nightlife in Charleston is the overpolicing of patrons.  Things go so much smoother when we let people live, laugh and have fun.

And boy did we have some fun! Great homegrown entertainers like Renzo took the stage and a live band to serenaded us. Courtnay, congrats! I tip my hat to you and to everyone of the Pretty people of Charleston that made this event the bop to be at. If you like your photo or any photo on here for that matter, you can buy it here.  Subscribe for updates. Please follow and like at DonnyNitro on Instagram and FaceBook also AMOS: DonnyNitro360