Leap day was not only the day for the South Carolina Democratic primaries. The extra day was also the day for the Winter 2020 Charleston Bonfire. The event had over 1900 in attendance. Vendors sold their delicious barbecue to patrons who had no shortage of alcohol. This biggest draw for the crowd aside from the bonfire was the host, Courtnay The Poet.

Courtnay has been hosting Charleston’s Bonfire for nearly 3 years now and each year it gets better. In past years the bonfire was held at the North Charleston’s Riverside park. This year the venue was at Woodlands Nature Reserve in Summerville. The event started at 6 but in order to accommodate the sheer number of people, the gates were opened at 5. After parking and a quick security check, patrons were whisked off to the other side of the reserve on a tractor pulled hayride.

Early arrivals were treated to a free sample and choice pickings of Bonfire positions. This was a luxury once the breeze from the nearby lake began to blow as the day progressed. By nightfall the once empty field was filled with good people, good food, good music and good Vibez! DJs Küb, ShadIke, Major Boy and Fingaz provided the energy. The high point of the night was the performances by Charleston artist. Courtnay is always giving back to the city and providing an outlet for artists. This event was no different. We were treated to performances by veteran and new artists alike. My only complaint about this Bonfire was the utter lack of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers. How you gonna throw a Bonfire and not have smores? Like the old people say, “I had my mout fix good fa some!” Oh well, the Ketel One and party favors made up for it. What’s really disappointing is thatwinter is ending soon which means no more bonfires until the fall. I am not alone when I say I wait with baited breath until the next one. I just hope they have