Boss Hogg’s Birthday Bash 2014 pt1

DJ Boss Hogg celebrates another year and what better way to start it off than by having a throw down at the legendary East Cooper Disco? Friends and family gathered at the Coop for big day. DJ Kub and DJ ShadIke made an appearance along with Young Tunez. This was a classic Boss night. Click… Continue reading Boss Hogg’s Birthday Bash 2014 pt1

Hello Again

It is the year 3842. I’rd’rúń (eye-de-ron) and aÀle (ah-A-lay) visit Earth.  The long dead home of their ancestors. They stand in a office building at the center of a once bustling metropolis, a city of ghosts on a planet of whispers.  The future’s children are welcomed by stoic quiet. They explored the ruins floating… Continue reading Hello Again