This weekend, while wondering the streets, I stumbled upon a cozy little bar  known as The Blind Tiger. I use the word cozy sparingly. This pub is located off the beaten path on Broad St. and has a large outdoor patio area, great for entertaining. When I arrived I as greeted to the musical stylings of DJ MooMoo, one of Charleston’s, dare I say the world’s, greatest DJ.  The patrons had mixed agendas. Some wanted to celebrate their last day of  freedom before saying “I do, ” but most of the crowd wanted to see who would win between Clemson and UGA. The bar has lots of screens both indoor and out.  I sucked down a few VK&P’s (vodka and pineapple) before leaving. The drinks were great and reasonably priced. I recommend this place to anyone wanting to go a nice bar but without all the pageantry of drunk tourist and coeds that can sometimes plague King St. It has a mellow almost Seattle Pub feel. If you get bored with the game, you can play a very interesting ring toss game.