This week, fellow cinematographer Quad Dub of Dirty Dolla Entertainment celebrated his 25th birthday. Club Rehab was the venue for the night. The Queen of ¬†Crunk was the host for the night and boy did she live up to her name. Back flips and side splits were just a few of the many acrobatics she performed to get the crowd amped. But one young woman was not to be out done. After lifting her cocoon, one woman revealed her “butterfly.” The crowd didn’t really need much convincing as everyone seemed to have come in for the sole purpose of Turning Up and thanks to DJ’s Tantrum and Donny Dramatic, they had no problem. Quad was joined by the entire Dirty Dolla team along with the Juice Dripp Gang who performed along with Mista Taylor. The night had a bittersweet ending. Although there were no incidences during the party. Tragically a young man lost his life shortly after the party ended. Quad gave his condolences to the family of Rashaad “Savo” Banks

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